Women and Youth Creating their Own Opportunity: Saving for Change Project

Final evaluation of the Saving for Change project in Cambodia.

The aim of this project was to increase access to decent jobs and business ownership for disadvantaged groups of people living in 160 remote and rural villages, located in four provinces of Cambodia. The strategies of the project had a special focus on youth and women, Over 3,000 people (80% female) were actively engaged in saving and lending activities through 207 communities self-governing SfC group, and over 12,000 people were also reached indirectly. The actions implemented, through the project, facilitated the access to good quality basic education in finance, entrepreneurship and leadership, using an empowerment approach in building up community self-governing saving groups. The project was funded by Red Nose Day Fund/Comic Relief Inc. and own resources of Oxfam, after a 2-year implementation the project was completed at June 30th 2017. This document is the final evaluation of the project. There were interesting findings related to Women´s economic empowerment. The total assets of groups was $219,720 with an 11.3% of growth rate by the end of the project. The cumulative value of savings was $181,492. Of this amount, 68.6% ($136,343) was used as loan to members. There were important lessons learned, like the one about how we need to be more aware that, when women get involved in IGAs, they might reduce the time they spend involved in their more strategic needs, like participating in decision making spaces in the public sphere. 



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