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Save a life

You have the power to make a difference. Your support can save lives today and help families build a future free from poverty.

Your support today can save lives.

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Together, we #WillFightForFood

Our global food system is broken. But together we have the power to fix it. We’re a community of people who . Are you ready to join us?

Speak up for poultry workers

Chicken is America’s most popular meat—but the jobs of workers who process it are unnecessarily demanding. Tell Big Poultry to stop putting workers' lives on the line.

Act now

How can we take action against hunger?

Karfa Mane prepares supper in the kitchen area of her home in Sare Dembara, Senegal. Photo: Holly Pickett / Oxfam America.

If you’ve eaten, shopped, dined out, cooked, or farmed in the last few years, you might have gotten a glimpse of what’s wrong with our food system:

  • Billions of tons of food go to waste while about one in nine people on Earth goes hungry.
  • Staple crops, from corn and wheat to avocados, are threatened by climate change.
  • The people who produce our food—family farmers and workers—face poverty and unjust working conditions, while big companies see huge profits.
  • Critical food aid has been cut to places like war-torn Syria.

It’s enough to make you lose your appetite.

But there is something we can do. People struggling with hunger don’t exist in a vacuum. Harvests don’t fail in isolation. We’re all interconnected—through the food we eat, the products we buy, and the issues we care about it. People like us can make change, but only if we make our voices heard.

Are you ready to speak up? It’s time. Together, we Here’s how to join us.

Change the menu

Did you know that fighting world hunger can start right at your kitchen table? Try some of these five simple tips next time you go grocery shopping or cook a family meal. Find extra inspiration with recipes contributed by celebrity chefs.

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Host an Oxfam Hunger Banquet®

An Oxfam Hunger Banquet is a memorable, interactive event that can change the way people in your community or on your campus think about poverty and hunger, while raising funds to support Oxfam's lifesaving work around the world.

Get started

Feed the Future is helping millions of farmers to lift themselves out of poverty. By working with small-scale farmers to claim their rights, fight hunger, and adapt to climate change, Feed the Future is making a difference. Tell Congress: Make Feed the Future permanent.

More than 5 million refugees from Syria can’t go home. Without adequate food, water, and shelter, families are struggling. Help us deliver lifesaving aid.

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Workers behind the seafood in our markets

Have you ever wondered who catches and processes the seafood you buy in supermarkets? Three workers describe the low pay, the extreme hours, and the inhumane conditions that are far too common in this industry.