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Dr. Doaa M. Taha - Washington DC, USA and Cairo, Egypt

Submitted by Salah Brahimi - Washington DC, USA

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For her work towards Women's Empowerment in the Arab World and the Arab-American Community and her efforts at promoting sustainable development

Doaa, after having been amongst the agents of change encouraging Egyptian (and Arab) Youth to reclaim their destiny and freedom, never relented after the Revolution was confiscated by Fundamentalists, at a moment when civil society was beginning to loose hope in Egypt: at the most difficult moments she continued to animate her civil society network (via her "Future Network") promoting Women's Empowerment as a key component of her vision for sustainable development and a more equitable Egypt and wider Arab World. Her perseverance paid off when the increasingly dictatorial rule of the Muslim Brotherhood came to an end and a more balanced Constitution guaranteeing both Women's Rights and Civil Rights was adopted by Referendum.

She works relentlessly to keep alive the ideals and core values of the Egyptian Uprisings and Revolution, notably in terms of reducing socio-economic imbalances in Egypt and the wider region. She is simultaneously involved in strengthening Women's Empowerment within the Arab-American Community in the USA and making sure that Women's networks in the Arab World connect with global networks, with the goal of making women's empowerment a centerpiece of the struggle for more sustainable development, poverty reduction, food security and all forms of injustice.

Doaa was born in Egypt, grew up in the Arabian Gulf then did her higher education in Egypt and the USA where she now lives and shuttles between these two regions of the World. Doaa does this in order to leave behind a better world for her two Arab-American daughters, Sofia and Hannah whom she is involving from these childhood years of theirs in the struggle against injustice and for civil rights and human rights (women's rights being an integral part of these). Doaa, a Board Director of the leading Arab-American civil rights organization (the ADC) is, with her colleagues, making certain that Women's Empowerment becomes a mainstream feature of both that organization and the Community it serves.

This story was submitted as part of Oxam America's International Women's Day initiative to honor women working to right the wrongs of poverty and hunger. Honorees are selected independently by Oxfam supporters. Selection does not imply endorsement or other support from Oxfam America.

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