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Loveen Kaur Gill - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Submitted by Michelle D'andre - Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

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Loveen is authentic, dynamic and inspirational figure in South Asian Community

A young stirring, dynamic figure in South Asian Community

“We have to take pride in whatever we do”-Loveen Kaur Gill


-by Michelle D'Andrade

Loveen Kaur Gill, who has been an inspirational figure among South Asian youth, lately even many seniors follow her leadership. Gill is an activist, dynamically participant of several social causes,founder of Canada’s first South Asian organization to raise awareness about organ donation, a freelance writer/poet for various newspapers and magazines.Under her entrepreneurship, she runs her magazine “Sonchirri”, stands for Golden Bird, bringing most recent updates that affect our everyday lives.

“Everything is about setting yourvision right, and making a plan to execute it. Life is neither too short, nor too long, it is just about sufficient for what we are here to do,” She speaks with a spark in her eyes when asked about time-management to administer everything at once,” focusing on one at time, perfecting one undertaking at a time works for me.”

Gill is invited to many social gatherings such as literary events or other community events for her leadership in representation of South Asian young-women, “We are obligated to our surroundings to at least up to the radius where we are closely associated with. Moreover, we cannot only be the takers from our circle around us. Giving back is a responsibility and it balances everything.”Gill says about her involvement in the society.

She is a founder volunteer at Amar Karma Organ donation society, started its operations in January 2011, which has now grown to a large network of volunteers. The group aims to convey their message by conducting programs which are passing on their message in the simplestways possible by involving families.

“Speaking about organ donation, it is something that impacts the entire humanity at a larger level. When I started I knew it was going to be difficult, but I alsoknew I will do it. We have to take pride in whatever we do is the key for me.The goal is to normalize the concept for recycling organs, and we understand itis not a ‘one-day’ thing.” Loveen said retrospectively.

“Loveen inspired me in no time to sign up to be a registered donor. Being an influential orator that she is, who very passionately about her mission, plus the confidence is tremendous. I like working with her, she is very inspiring girl” mentioned Girish from Greater Toronto, a keen volunteer at Amar Karma.

This story was submitted as part of Oxam America's International Women's Day initiative to honor women working to right the wrongs of poverty and hunger. Honorees are selected independently by Oxfam supporters. Selection does not imply endorsement or other support from Oxfam America.

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